Italian Love Cake

The roots of the popular cake and why it had been given this endearing name remain a mystery to this day. Perhaps it’s because as soon as you sink your teeth into a bit of “Italian Love Cake” it will literally be love at first bite.

Italian desserts are famous for being rich, flavorful and tasty and this luscious cake is no exception. It unites the slightly sweet taste and creamy texture of Ricotta cheese with a moist marble cake. Regardless of the diverse number of recipes available, the final result will be a gorgeous creation of yummy decadence; ideal for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Cake Ingredients:-LRB-**)

1 Box of Fudge Marble Cake Mix

(Get cake and cake pan according to the instructions on the box)

Icing Ingredients:-LRB-**)

1 cup of Milk or Half and Half

1 (3.9 oz) pkg. Of Chocolate Instant Pudding

1 (8 oz) Container of Non-Dairy Whipped Cream; thawed

Cheese Mixture Ingredients:-LRB-**)

2 lbs of Ricotta cheese

1 cup of Granulated sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

1 cup of Milk or Half and Half

Cake Directions:-LRB-**)

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Grease and flour a 13 x 9 x 2 inch or a skillet.

Get the cake mix, pour into prepared pan and set aside.

Combine Ricotta cheese, sugar and vanilla and blend until thoroughly blended and pour over cake batter.

When it bakes, the cake will rise over the mix and the cheese will settle to the bottom.

Bake 45-6o minutes or until a cake tester, inserted into the center, comes out clean.

Icing Instructions:-LRB-**)

Combine together chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Beat until creamy and thick.

Fold in half or milk and half and beat until smooth and firm.

Once cake was completely cooled, spread topping over cake.

Refrigerate 1 hour before serving.

Yield 12 parts.


Before serving, top your production with red sprinkles and cherries for extra color and decoration.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Teaching English in Italy: Some Challenges That Italian Language Learners Face When Learning English

I spent Decades studying the Italian language and leading an Italian social club in Atlanta, Georgia.

All along, I had been a teacher of English as a second language (ESOL) in different American schools for 21 years. While, in my time, I wrote fiction stories, poetry, and articles I was employed as a teacher of English for students in Italy. This article’s objective is to offer some tips about the challenges to ESOL and TEFL teachers when learning the language that speakers experience. Each and every group of people who have a special language background faces its own challenges, however there are particular mistakes that tend to be made by the majority of Italian learners of English in the beginning and intermediate levels. These mistakes will be tricky to unlearn, if not corrected in the early stages.

Until a student reaches an intermediate level of proficiency, it’s hard to explore the literary analysis of English. This is the first six months focus on talking with some attention, writing, listening, and reading. Some grammar before placing those rules to describe rules is frequently utilized by me. So as to speak clearly and fluently most students are concerned although it’s apparent that one can’t rely on grammar. After having had many encounters with both the English and Italian languages, I’ve divided the principal challenges that Italians face into four groups: (1) issues with the use of gerunds, -ing verbs, and infinitives; (2) issues with the use of phrasal verbs; (3) challenges with the pronunciation of “-ed” and”th”; (3) problems differentiating between when to use the present versus the present continuous tense; and (4) Italian pupils’ inherent concern about learning the conditional tenses.

First of all, it isn’t easy for Italian speakers to choose which verbs must be followed by an -ing verb and which verbs must be followed by an infinitive verb. If the world wide web is explored by teachers, they can find lists of these verbs that each need being followed by the -ing forms or the forms that are infinitive. They’ll perform better, if pupils will devote some time to practice these gerunds and infinitives that follow verbs. Since students usually don’t know where to get these lists of verbs followed by gerunds vs. infinitives, it is going to be well worth your time to locate them to your students and to keep them in your files for when they’re helpful. By practicing them, students can learn how to use these verbs. By way of instance, the verbs “agree” and “consent” need to be followed by infinitives. Therefore, one says, “I agree to sign the paper, and that I agree to purchase the books.” On the other hand, the verbs “acknowledge” and “practice” must be followed by gerunds. Therefore, one says, “I acknowledge hiding the gift, and I practice dance.”

One of the reasons Italians report difficulty in using prepositions is a result of the numerous English phrasal verbs including prepositions as part of the verb. Some examples include: to put on, to putoff, to put up with, and also to take off. Students must understand that verbs are as a set to make 1 unit with a meaning similar to words which work. All one must do is to modify the preposition after the verb and the meaning of the verb will change. It’s helpful to provide a list of phrasal verbs to students and also to encourage them to start analyzing those pairs rather than to present a few. Lists are available online and in publications so the students become verbs the better off they’ll be in the long term. English has.

The “th” sound is usually extremely tough for Italians because this noise doesn’t exist in their own language. Happily, most Italians do learn the”th” sound when they have a native speaker that gives them one-on-one pronunciation lessons. It doesn’t appear to be much of an obstacle, but when somebody does not point out the proper sound to Italian speakers in the start, it is likely that they’ll continue to create the “t” or “d” sounds at the place where you would normally pronounce “th” and this results in pronouncing the incorrect words such as “tree” rather than “three”. Once students have handled the “th” and the -ed sounds, they’ll have the ability to express themselves much more confidently.

It is vital to point out to Italian students that the -ed at the end of gerunds and adjectives is generally a “t” or “d” sound unless -ed follows “t” or “d”. To put it differently, a term such as “jumped” is pronounced”jumpt” as the letter “e” remains silent. The term “played” seems like”playd” without the letter “e”. Pupils benefit from learning the proper pronunciation on because mistakes become more difficult to correct in the future. It can be tough for speakers of a language to grasp the concept that there are patterns although that English isn’t merely a language. Patterns include digraphs such as th and mb or trigraphs such as tch dge, and chr.

Problems that confront Italians learning English often differ from those issues faced by Spanish speakers studying English. Fortunately, Italians don’t voice the “es” sound before vowels, a common Spanish mistake, as in “eSpanish” or “especial”. Rather, Italians tend to include the “h” sound to some words, between two vowels, when the “h” isn’t needed as in “go h-away” and they leave out the “h” sound at the start of several words like “home”. Many times, the words “angry” and “hungry” are mispronounced to communicate messages that are confused.

One of the primary elements of verb tenses that I describe in course is how English speakers always use the present continuous tense and the way its use differs from that of the simple present tense. Knows that the simple to explain every action is used by Italians. Whereas English speakers use the present tense to describe objects in the room, to explain habitual events, and also to explain a story that they’ve already read, English speakers use the present continuous tense to describe a continuous action that they’re taking in the moment. By way of instance, English speakers say, “I’m sitting at the table where I’m drinking a coffee and speaking to my buddy.” Rather, Italians say, “Mi siedo al tavolo dove bevo un café e parlo con mio amico” which literally means: I sit at the table at which I drink coffee and speak with my friend. If teachers don’t point out that English speakers use the present continuous (to be + ing) to explain actions which are occurring, there’s the risk that German speakers will continue to talk and write erroneously in the present simple tense for many years to come. Needless to say, English speakers who understand Italian risk with the present continuous too when they talk Italian if they aren’t informed of the gaps in use.

For those men and women that are only starting to learn English or to teach English, I suggest beginning with the following verb tenses: the present simple,the current constant, the present perfect, the simple past, the future, and the future continuous. I really do believe these tenses is going to be those that will be practical for a start, although students will be happy to learn the tenses all instantly. As soon as I discovered what I know of Italian 34 years ago, I started with the simple present tense and the infinitive form. I was lively with the speech, when using verb tenses and I would suggest starting out with a attitude. One needs to dive in and take risks to be able to produce progress. Language is if we’ll only be patient a communicative tool that transforms us.

There are four conditionals that play an significant part in the English program, so if you’re a new English teacher who plans to teach English in Italy, I’d recommend being prepared to educate those four conditionals (0, 1, 2, 3) before you start to officially teach in the classroom. Of most significance are the distinctions between the 0 and 1st conditionals. The 0 conditional describes something habitual that’s repeated whenever the condition happens. For example: When it rains, I don’t water the plants. Rather, something that happens such as is described by the 1st conditional. Students often grasp the two conditionals well since they correspond with conditionals. The conditional tense is used to demonstrate something that’s very unlikely without meeting with a condition: I’d write books, When I won the lottery. Since a condition hasn’t been met the conditional is impossible: I wouldn’t have failed the math test When I had remembered to examine. I would recommend creating your own chart before the first day of class with examples of those four conditionals on it, and keep it handy. Teachers can customize their charts to meet with with the needs of their pupils according to various cultures, their ages, and levels.

Personalizing your instruction will make lessons far more pleasant for pupils. Because everyone is a unique individual with his or her own learning style, you will need to do some research. Teachers shouldn’t neglect to consider that different approaches work for different students and that a broad range of sound visual, and experiences will be appreciated.

Hopefully this overview of the important issues that confront English language students in Italy is going to be very helpful to anyone who decides to teach English in Italy. The challenges which one group faces differ from those of other groups so if you’re teaching in Thailand, for example, the challenges will differ from those. Much of the understanding is based upon my analysis of the English and Italian languages. I discovered that using the knowledge of the student’s first language was a tool which didn’t hinder me from using the language as the way of communicating in my classes. You may understand the challenges once you’ll be teaching English in Italy and it ought to be easy to hone in on the most important lessons that you want to teach.


The Best Italian Custard Cake

Learn to grasp the artwork of constructing a delicious Italian custatd cake. Also referred to as a ‘continental cake’ it’s a very conventional cake utilized by many Italian households. Not solely is it one of the scrumptious truffles you’ll ever style it’s so easy, versatile and low cost to make. Merely observe the recipe under and keep in mind that the important thing of baking is accuracy and precision. The top end result might be perfection.



5 eggs, room temperature

250g castor sugar

2 half tsps vanilla sugar

100g cornflour

100g plain flour

1 1/4tsps baking powder

75mls chilly water


1) Grease a 24cm springform tin and line with grease proof baking paper. Preheat oven to 190 levels celcius.

2) Separate the eggs right into a bowl. Beat egg whites till very stiff with 75mls of chilly water. Beat in castor sugar and vanilla sugar very quickly- don’t over beat. (In case you wouldn’t have vanilla sugar you’ll be able to merely exchange it with castor sugar). Mix in crushed egg yolks and beat till combination types a determine “eight”.

Three) Sift cornflour, plain flour and baking powder Three times. Gently fold flour combination into egg combination being cautious to not knock out the air.

Four) Gently unfold the batter into ready baking tin. Bake for 50 minutes till golden brown or a skewer inserted comes out clear. End up onto a wire rack to chill.

Lemon Custard:


500ml full cream milk

75g castor sugar

1 vanilla bean

1/Four cup marsala

Three egg yolks

40g cornflour

strips of peel from 1 lemon (use a potato peeler)

Chocolate Custard:


500ml full cream milk

75g castor sugar

1 vanilla bean

1/Four cup marsala

Three egg yolks

40g cornflour

Three-Four tbsp good high quality cocoa powder


1) Cut up vanilla pod vertically down the center and scrape out seeds. Put milk with half the sugar, vanilla seeds and pod, marsala and lemon peel in a big saucepan and produce to a boil.

2) In the meantime, whisk collectively egg yolks and remaining sugar. As soon as included, progressively add the cornflour to kind a paste.

Three) When milk has boiled take away from warmth and pour a little bit of the milk into the yolk paste, whisk to include. Including a small quantity in the beginning will stop lumps in your custard. Slowly proceed including till half of the milk is used.

Four) Carry the rest of the milk again to the boil and pour onto the yolk combination, then tip the whole thing again into the saucepan.

5) Cook dinner over a medium warmth stirring always with a picket spoon till the custard thickens. (At first it could look lumpy however dont panic. Maintain stirring over warmth and it’ll prepare dinner out)

6) As soon as the custard has thickened pour right into a heatproof bowl. Rapidly take away the lemon peel and vanilla pod, cowl with cling movie to forestall it from forming a pores and skin on prime. Be certain the cling movie touches custard so it will not steam and kind water droplets. Refrigerate till chilly.

7) As soon as the custard has cooled it’ll appear too onerous, nevertheless start beating it with an electrical mixer and it’ll come collectively till easy and silky. The consitency ought to be thick however not onerous. In case you discover the custard is a little bit bit too agency, add about 1 tablespoon of additional milk or extra if wanted, till it turns into thick and easy.

To make chocolate custard – Omit the lemon peel. Add the cocoa in the beginning of step three and stir to dissolve. Have a style and regulate it to how chocolatey you prefer it. Comply with on the remaining steps to creating the custard as above.

To assemble cake:

Use about 1/Three to half cup of liquer comparable to marsala, or sherry for every layer. For a non -alcoholic model use sweetened cooled coffee in its place. See be aware under.

As soon as the cake has cooled slice the cake horizontally to make two layers. You must have three discs of sponge. Place one disc of sponge onto a plate and moisten the sponge with chosen liquer or coffee. Unfold the lemon custard over the sponge and place the second layer on prime. Repeat the method with liquer or coffee combination and unfold over the chocolate custard. Prime with the third disc of sponge and canopy with cling movie. Refrigerate in a single day to set. Cake saved within the fridge for one or two days will enable flavours to enhance.

To embellish:


300ml thickened whipping cream

2 tsp sugar

2 tsp vanilla essence

Three/Four cup flaked roasted almonds or chopped hazelnuts

grated chocolate


1) Mix cream, vanilla and sugar right into a bowl and beat to a delicate peak.

2) Unfold cream evenly over the perimeters and prime of cake.

Three) Press or throw nuts onto the perimeters of the cake. Gather the fallen nuts and maintain repeating the method finally you’ll have a beautiful end result. Sprinkle prime with grated chocolate.

Notice- Any sort of your favorite liquer comparable to Tia Maria, Frangelico, Amaretto or Galliano might be a scrumptious variation to your cake. Even a mix of each liquer and coffee could be very good.

Whether or not or not it’s a birthday, christening or marriage ceremony, this scrumptious Italian custard cake is great used for a celebration. Let your creativeness run wild with adorning creations and concepts. Experiment with liquer flavour mixtures and custard flavours. One variation is to make use of orange rind as a substitute of lemon rind for the custard with a chocolate liquer, making a jaffa flavour. The flavour variations and mixtures are limitless.

It’s best served with a sizzling cup of espresso coffee, or a candy dessert wine. Take pleasure in!


Old Wives’ Tales Are Not Just For the Old – The Italian Fear of Cold Drafts

Following more than a decade of living in Rome,   I’ve had the chance to watch and consider on a number of the cultural peculiarities that actually create Rome and Romans quite different to the rest of the planet. I am used that follow some actions that if not led you may considered to be benign but to Italians could cause death! Listed here are an notion of a number of those “dangerous actions”; drinking anything with ice hockey, heading out with wet hair, or being granted the “malocchio” (evil eye) to mention a couple. Generally I’d simply dismiss these superstitions and scatter them down to older roman wives stories, particularly   the one about the not drinking anything with ice hockey… I mean how are you likely to have a ice coffee with no ice I request?

The dreaded “colpo d’aria”(gust of air) that could have Italians wrapped in a scarf at the height of the summer for fear of having a creak in their throat, I used to come across this very funny and a quaint feature of Italians, but it’s now become a small bone of contention. Due to global warming and climate modification Rome has had among its warmest Mays in years and nobody was anticipating the warmth that came so because you can envision hardly any of those shops   or other areas of business had begun to use their air conditioning, as I too was becoming my bikini bod prepared for the summer and had begun to hit my neighborhood fitness center in preparation for the summer.

I know that you believe this its might be quite sophisticated for Italians to have air conditioning but its now very widely accessible and not simply   for the prosperity Americans. When I initially proceed to Rome although it was a different story back at the afternoon of the Lira, Ac’s were few and far between so I’ve lived without it and I’m sure will again at some point, but something that I cant do without notably in a hot and sweaty gym while exercising is a FAN! So intending just to endanger my own life, if you’re supposed to believe from the fear of this “colpo d’aria”, I go into a secluded corner of the fitness center to utilize a machine near the enthusiast, at this point nobody else was in the region so my workout was run under the wonderful breeze of the ceiling fan near me. A woman I recognized in my step course soon stoped my work out, she strode up and with no pause for consideration turned off the fan. As miffed because I had been, I wasn’t in the mood for becoming confrontational so I only got off the machine and turned back to the enthusiast to enjoy the remainder of my workout, that is when things began to warm up and that I do not mean by the workout!

(Decision)Paranoid schizophrenic but otherwise beautiful aerobics queen: (from here on out we’ll consult with her as PSBOLAQ): Excuse me, you can not do this!

Me: Oh no? Funny, I really don’t recall you asking could it be OK to to switch off the fan before you did, and seeing how I had been here first, perhaps you could return in ten minutes when I am done my workout   in the event that you’re so concerned about it.

PSBOLAQ: Everyone knows that it is detrimental! All I want would be to get on this machine if a burst of air strikes my throat and I will be set up for a fortnight  with hepatitis!

ME: (trying to be fine) No, obviously you do not desire that, but I came over to the left handed corner only to ensure you and the remaining folks here might not need to take that deadly risk

PSBOLAQ: Yes, well obviously I can’t remain on the same machine all day long, its not a part of my fitness routine routine that I want to utilize all the various kinds of machines!)

ME: Yes I know your  need for the ideal gym body that you may only need to put up with all the fan if you would like to utilize the machine close to it. I’ve worked using a fan on for around 15 years today, and low and behold I’m still living to tell the story!

PSBOLAQ had experienced enough…until I knew it she’d walked off to locate the gym supervisor to report my tried mass murder by exposing the fitness center to the little bit of atmosphere that a ceiling fan could generate. To believe that two increased women couldn’t sort out the problem of the enthusiast still annoys mepersonally, anyway back to the story, the supervisor clearly linking to prevent an all out cat fight in his gym attempted to appease the both people and chose to reverse the fan into its smallest setting thus locating a happy compromise. Back to our workouts we moved and as assured 10 moments after I’d left the place, in my way I’d get to watch PSBOLAQ dash off her stepper to switch off the fan before another ‘crazy lunatic’ attempted to kill her using a few fresh air! I do not know why they have lovers there if we are not permitted to use them!

Even though this scene was unfolding at the gym, I attempted to scan the space to understand how another Italians responded to it (Italians appear to enjoy becoming involved if there’s a “scenario”). Everything I found was a range of responses…a couple of sleepless smiles, some pretending to not listen, and also some looking at me like I had been the mad hatter.

My issue is that, If modern science has taught us anything, we know that colds and flus are transmitted by the spread of a bacteria or virus. Do people still insist that they ride on the magic carpet of a gust of air? It is likely to be a lengthy and very hot summer at the gym…(**).


Tips On Dating An Italian Woman

Dating a Italian girl can be complicated, not because of her character traits, but because, to put it simply, she is not American. So here is your suggestion– you will want to consider you which means letting go that Americans can be used to, If you are planning an Italian. By way of instance, the girl does not play games. Whereas the American may play “hard to get” or utilize some kind of “reverse psychology,” the Italian will be quite upfront and she expects the same. She has no patience for a guy who waits 3 times since he wishes to play it cool, prior to calling. Show her she will get rid of interest if you enjoy her.

obtained passion? Bring it all on! The girl receives the decoration in regards to want and love. And the further south you go, the more enthusiastic she’s (I am speaking to the nation, maybe not the body-Stay concentrated!) The girl exudes a feeling of independence which equates to confidence in and outside of their bedroom and is more comfortable with her own body. This isn’t to say that she’s promiscuous! She is genuinely interested and if that the chemistry is felt by her, you are in! (Sorry for the pun.) It goes without saying that “no more” means “no more” in either language so in the event that you’ve put your very best foot forward and she is still not impressed, walk my friend away.

Request an American girl to venture out last-minute and she will ask herself a thousand queries before she reacts… “Is he asking me today since I am his next option?” “Should I say “yes” will he believe I am a loser since I did not have any plans?” You understand. Request an girl exactly the same, before you can complete your sentence, and she will have her foot! Yes, she’s daring! She believes of the consequences afterwards and also lives life, if ever! Go on and ask her. The worst she could say is “I’ve strategies” (and she will really have them!)

It is intriguing that in a society dominated by the household unit, the Italian girl frequently chooses to live together rather than marrying. That is due to a lot of reasons that go beyond the scope of this guide, nevertheless suffice to state that adultery can take many years in Italy, or even longer, and that lots of Italians prefer to not have kids, which increases the issue “Why get married?” Does not seem very conventional, right? Well in case you’re thought of an Italian girl is one that slaves in the kitchen and brings her guy coffee in bed, then you could be thinking of her mom! The girl now is similar to her counterpart because she’s personal goals in addition to a career and dreams. She is fulfilled, if not satisfied by her loved ones, with or without. Given a choice between “alone time” along with also a family gathering, the Italian girl would probably pick the latter. She has a deal on the important things so you are going to want to honor that if you are likely to go into her world in life, which is rooted in her upbringing. Translation: Cease your Blackberry when you are in your date.

When it comes to impressing a Italian girl, nothing works better than talking her language. You do not need to be eloquent or have pronunciation that is great, but understanding a few words, particularly in the context of relationship, will go a very long way. Believe me, I have seen a few of my Italian friends accept dates from American guys who did not have much going on except for the fact that they said all of the correct items…in Italian! Make the attempt, as you’re going to have the ability to impress an American girl exactly the manner, and when she is not impressed, you will still be ahead of the game!

In case an Italian girl has approved your proposal to get a date, it is extremely crucial that you dress the part. Women laugh in the truth if they need to be wearing sneakers and a button down shirt that guys wear sweatshirts and shoes. You do not need to put on a suit, but do not appear looking like you showered in the gym. She expects you to create up to an effort that she left preparing for you (excluding the make-up let us hope).

She is invited you to her place for dinner, now what? Bear in mind you might be meant by this, her and her loved ones as should unwed it is very normal for adults to reside together with their parents. When she tells you to not bring anything, either way EVEN! Bring dessert or flowers. If you’re currently taking her into a restaurant, then don’t expect her to cover anything. If she attempts to give cash to you, DO NOT take it! Chivalry rules in certain areas of the planet!

It is quite common to see Italian girls staring in both men as well as other girls. It is perfectly normal to see individuals this way whereas this may be considered impolite in America. So leave the jealousy and insecurities home (together with this Blackberry) and also love being in her life.

In the event that your relationship needs to lead to participation, you will be delighted to know that Italian girls do not typically wear engagement rings because we understand it here in the States. Based upon the area of Italy, she might have nothing in any way, or a ring, an diamond ring. (you may stop grinning now.)

The final and most important suggestion I can offer you is to make sure. Women like strong guys. They shy away from the feeble. You might be frustrated, humiliated or ill (hopefully not all at exactly the exact same time) but do not tell her know it or you are toast.

Buona fortuna! (Good luck!))