The Dangers of Drinking Coffee

If you drink coffee as you believe you want to in order to rev or pep you up daily, especially if you work in corporate America, here are a few things to consider pertaining to this liquid medication that’s the primary cause of cancer of the esophagus:-LRB-**)

The first thing you should consider is – why would you drink something that’s so hot that if you stuck your finger into it, it might burn the hell out of you? If it burns your finger, what do you think it does to your tissues and cells throughout the entire body? Hot beverages destroy (kill) your cells, i.e. cancer!

Coffee is a stimulant to the central nervous system. Drinking coffee inhibits the release of pure brain opiates (which make you feel great and counteracts pain). Women need all the pure mind opiates their bodies can muster up, particularly around the menstrual period and not to mention childbirth (which is extremely painful because of the excess reduction of opiates in today’s American woman). Coffee may rev up you for some time, but is guaranteed to bring down too (which makes you crave more of it, after all, it’s a medication, at least in the condition that we use it now). Excessive ingestion of coffee causes shaking and trembling of the hands because of nervousness. Coffee greatly simplifies the nervous system.

Coffee also kills the adrenal glands. Nearly everyone in America has shot-out adrenal glands!

Coffee revs up these glands, but also brings them down. Whatever goes up and then down taxes the body.

Coffee contains the stimulant caffeine. This is dead caffeine, unlike bio-active caffeine found in green tea, black tea, yerba mat, guarana, and kola nut. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that’s followed with a depressed phase leading to exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, tiredness, and frequently headache. Caffeine constricts blood vessels of the brain and causes diminished flow of blood that cuts the oxygen supply to the brain, leading to gradual brain damage. Additionally, it raises your pulse 15 percent and makes your lungs function 13 times tougher than usual. It greatly plays a part in fatigue also.

The volatile oil in caffeine known as caffeol is an irritant into the lining of the gut and causes poor digestion.

Another compound in this liquid medication is caffeo-tannic acid. This compound is used in tanning leather. It’s an annoying astringent to the cells lining the stomach and intestines and also destroys the pepsin from the gastric (stomach) juice required to digest protein.

Coffee is a drug! Do you understand why coffee is freely given in corporate America? Because it makes people work and function effectively by speeding up the brain so that jobs can find the best productivity from the workers (slaves). People mainly beverage coffee in the early hours, at least 3 cups (over 400+ milligrams of caffeine) by noon. But by noon, they’re mentally drained and taken, which explains why job growth declines around noontime in America. The workers will then receive their caffeine kick or hit from drinking soda pop (coke, pepsi, etc.) or eating chocolate, which is also why you find those vending machines which sell sodas and chocolates in corporate America.

if you would like to get something from people, just give them some caffeine. Coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, and soda all have caffeine. When investigators or police wish to receive information from individuals, what do they provide people? A cup of coffee and a cigarette!

In wars, what do American soldiers give the kids of the countries they’re fighting in and against (especially when they need information)? Chocolate bars!

Many restaurants and diners provide you with a cup of coffee for starters. Why? Since coffee clears the palate (taste buds) and sense of olfaction (smell), in addition to create your gut crave food so that you will end up hungry, be able to smell the food, and taste the material of the food when you start to eat the food. Why do you think they have you smell coffee beans in a jar in aromatherapy shops? To clean your olfaction (sense of smell) so that you can smell the many oils.

Did you know that ancient Arab Muslims used to provide the potential or potential Muslim convert and warrior free coffee in lectures, to make them join Islam and struggle in so-called holy wars (jihad) to the cause of Islam?

The Arabs had the market on coffee sealed. When Europeans first got their hands and taste buds on coffee, they went mad. Europeans wanted to start a market for coffee in Europe but the Arabs weren’t having that! Certain European merchants started to start secretly exporting coffee from Africa and Arabia (where coffee originated), and importing it into Europe. The Europeans didn’t want the Arabs to understand what they were doing with their medication (coffee), so once the Europeans got the coffee into their own country, they began to refer to it by code names, such as Java, Mocha, and cappucino, which are all names of countries where European retailers were exporting coffee from. Java is an island in Indonesia. Mocha is a city in Yemen, Arabia. Cappucino derives its name in the Italian town Capuchin (all Arab Muslim strongholds). The term coffee itself derives its title from kaf, the Ethiopian title for coffee.

A excellent alternative to drinking coffee is Teeccino herbal coffee, made from roasted carob, barley, chicory root, figs, dates, orange peel and almonds. It’s extremely delicious and tastes just like coffee if not better. You will find it (along with other tastes) in most health food stores like Whole Food Market (1-800-SHOP-WFM).

herbal teas like guarana, kola nut, and yerba mate are also excellent choices to coffee also includes bio-active caffeine that’s not deleterious to the body.

The herbs borage, basil, licorice, ginseng, astragalus, and fo ti are amazing for restoring the adrenal glands.

Thanks for reading!