100% Arabica – Intensity 9 Nespresso Coffee Pods

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Quality 100% Arabica. Intensity 9. Roasted in Italy.

The espresso Essence of the South has a full traditional flavor with a very intense aroma. It is a blend of roasted and ground coffee, full of fragrances and sweet caramel notes. The layer of cream is consistent, the color is homogenous and intense. The long lasting aftertaste on the palate is balanced, clean and elegant. The mixture is subjected to a slow roasting and of medium intensity to bring out the richness and aromatic intensity of the different origins of coffee used.

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Essence of the South coffee – Compatible Nespresso capsules

Quality 100% Arabica. Intensity 9. Roasted in Italy.

The Essence of the South compatible Nespresso capsules are produced by the Italian Aroma Company.


Package color: black.

Roasting: average 15 minutes, forced air cooling.

Caffeine in a cup: 40-60mg.

Selected Bean Varieties: 4

1. Origin: Central America.

2. Origin: Brazil and Colombia.

3. Origin: Ethiopia and Kenya.

4. Origin: India and Indonesia.

Type: Arabica from High and Middle Mountain. SHB-HB (strictly hard bean), HGA (high grown Atlantic).


The “Washed Coffee” process

In the washed coffee, also called “the wet process”, a “Pulper”, removes the outer layer of the skin. Consequently, the bean, now free of the outer coating, can ferment in water for 2-3 day or, in some cases, even for longer. Due to the fermentation, the coffee bean is wrapped by mucilage, that needs to be washed. Finally, the bean becomes clean and bright, giving the coffee a fruity and natural taste to the coffee.


Roasted by F.li Levrone 12035 Racconigi (CN) – Italy.

Does not contain GMOs or ingredients produces from GMOs. Gluten FREE.

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